We offer the following services:

i)    Export and Import: 
We engage in large scale trade and exportation of agricultural products. Our mandate crops include but not limited to the following:

  1. Soybeans
  2. Sesame
  3. Ginger
  4. Shea butter
  5. Tomatoes

Also, we import agro-allied products such as agrochemicals, crop and animal nutrients supporting products, etc.

ii)    Crop Production
We engage in cultivation of crops such as cereals, cash crops, fruits, vegetables, etc. under best agricultural practices and systems couple with new techniques and methodologies ensure that crops with high quality and quantity are produced. Seed and seedling production among others are also part of this service 

iii)    Procurement and Supply
We serve as an intermediary between producers and buyers of agricultural and agro-allied products. We ensure products are sourced at the best prices possible without compromising quality from point of procurement to delivery. We deliver both nationally and internationally with a fast delivery service.

iv)    Agricultural Management
We provide diverse agricultural consulting management services such as:
a)    Agricultural consultancy
b)    Quality management consultancy
c)    Project Management
d)    Environmental Assessment
e)    Research and Survey
f)    Monitoring and Evaluation
g)    Business Management
h)    Cooperative Development
i)    Training and capacity building, etc.

At Narag Unity Farms, we continuously update our knowledge. We collaborate with Agricultural Research Institutes, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Private Stakeholders in agricultural sector both nationally and internationally.

The above with our dedicated professionals and human resources ensure that we provide excellent consulting services to our clients – individuals, groups, institutes, organizations, associations etc.

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